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My child has LCA. What do we need to do to participate in Project 3000?

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The best way for you to proceed is to take the information about Project 3000 from our web page to your child's physician. Your physician will be able to complete the necessary paperwork to order the proper test for your child. All of the necessary documents can also be found on our web site. You may also want to read some special instructions for Project3000 participants.

There are at least four good reasons why for involving a physician in genetic testing, including:

  1. The accuracy of a genetic test is dependent to a significant degree on the accuracy of the clinical diagnosis;
  2. The sensitivity of the genetic test is also greatly increased by an accurate clinical diagnosis;
  3. Genetic test results can be complicated and should be carefully explained to patients and family members by a knowledgeable professional;
  4. Patients with inherited eye disorders can develop additional medical problems that are treatable in some cases.

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