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Patient Information on How to Order a Genetic Test

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If you, or a family member has been diagnosed with an an inherited eye disorder, there is something you can do. Please note that the Carver Lab does not perform genetic prenatal testing or testing of asymptomatic minors.

  1. Review the list of genetic tests we offer
  2. Meet with your ophthalmologist or physician and ask him or her to order a test on your behalf. All tests must be ordered through your referring physician. You may need to provide the website URL to your physician for this purpose, so be prepared! (
  3. Once a test is ordered online, three copies of the Test Requisition will print – one copy for you, the patient, one copy for your physician, and one copy to be sent to the Carver Lab with your blood sample. Shipping/Billing Instructions will also print. Please note that shipping costs and supplies are the responsibility of the patient/physician.
  4. Make arrangements through your physician to have a blood sample drawn. He or she may refer you to a referral laboratory for this step. If so, be sure to take the Carver Lab copy of the completed Test Requisition form with you to the Lab. Payment should be sent with the sample at this time.
  5. Keep your copy of the Test Requisition form for future reference as it will have printed on it your unique identifier. Using this number you will be able to keep track of the status of your test online.
  6. DNA will be processed immediately after your sample is received.
  7. Genetic testing will take place on the extracted DNA.
  8. Screening for genetic variations can take any where from four weeks to to six months depending on the test requested (see estimated turn around time on the table of tests offered).
  9. A written report will be sent to your referring physician once testing is complete. You should not expect any communication from the Lab.
  10. When testing is complete a notation stating that fact will appear on the Carver Lab web site. You will need your identifier to access that private information. Once that notation appears, you should then contact your referring physician to set up a consultation to review test results.

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